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The vending machine featuring Greenie Supply treasure maps in Southold. (Credit: David Benthal)

It’s time to go on a literal adventure.

At Port of Egypt in Southold, in the back corner of the snack bar, there’s an odd little vending machine facing the Sound. But instead of candy or chips, the Greenie Supply & Tackle machine is filled with something much more intriguing: treasure maps.

Yes, buying one of these $5 maps reveals a beautiful, nautical-themed collectible that will send you on a distinctly North Fork adventure. After studying the map and contemplating its riddles, you’ll traverse rocky beaches, walk through a scenic hiking trail, see historic village locales and eventually discover a hidden treasure you can take home with you.

Greenie Supply & Tackle is the concept of Bill Moulton, a creative director who splits his time between Brooklyn and the North Fork. Moulton created the vending machine and treasure hunts as a creative project, with a fictional supply and tackle shop as the vending machine’s proprietor.

There are multiple maps to decipher, and you should wear comfortable clothing, bring a shovel and maybe some gloves to dig for the buried chests, which contain enough small treasures so everyone who discovers it can take a prize. If you’re lucky, you might even end up with a unique map that will lead to a one-of-a-kind gift. The prizes, which range from medallions to old photographs, were also created by Moulton, and often have little stories attached.

Head to 62300 Main Road in Southold to start your journey. If you get stuck or need a hint, visit