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Quiet Town founders Lisa and Michael Fine. (Courtesy Photo)

During some very long, sleepless nights with her newborn son, Lisa Fine would start to design shower curtains in her mind while trying to get him to sleep.

In 2016 Ms. Fine, with her husband and business partner, Michael, launched Quiet Town, an online brand dedicated to bath products. Sold nationally through West Elm and Nordstrom websites, their products are also available at the Nordstrom home flagship store in New York City.

Mr. and Ms. Fine are Mattituck residents. Their business was named after a song beloved to the couple called Quiet Town. The company stands out, the couple said, by resisting fast fashion and creating durable, sustainable products.

“We didn’t want to start the company unless it was going to be something that was going to cut out the noise and the chaos and not add to the endless pile of junk that people were buying,” said Ms. Fine.

Quiet Town features colorful, elegant and carefully designed towels, curtains, bath rugs and hooks. Ms. Fine was an accomplished fashion stylist and Mr. Fine an experienced photographer before venturing into business on their own, but rely very much on their creativity.

“We let the creative really drive the business,” Mr. Fine said. “As the business grows, and as we’re just growing as people, we’re understanding that the business end is becoming just as important, like the marketing and the strategy. But I think that most of our decisions at this point are driven from a creative outlet.” 

Mr. and Ms. Fine run the business with just one other employee. They personally approve every partner they work with and make sure they align with values important to them including sustainable practices and how the employees are treated.

“The way that we move through being business owners is just a very slow, methodical, responsible approach to every detail and aspect of the business,” Ms. Fine said.

The couple would frequently come out to Mattituck from Brooklyn until the pandemic came in 2020, when they decided to move to Mattituck full time.

The blog on their website, The Wake Up, is about bathrooms but they dedicated a spin off of it to highlight north fork businesses and creatives, Ms. Fine said.

“It’s always been a big source of inspiration for us, we feel a connection to the area,” Mr. Fine said of the North Fork.

Their products can be found on their website,, West Elm and Nordstrom.