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Andy’s Cherry Vodka Martini (credit: Andy’s).

If you haven’t made your way to Greenport in the last week, then first off, what are you doing? You’re totally missing the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom! A walk through the streets and it’ll feel like it’s snowing delicate pink petals all around you. But there’s another booze-infused reason to head out there. Many of the restaurants and bars in Greenport are celebrating the blooming of the pink flowers with a special cocktail made just for the month long Cherry Blossom Festival. 

First and South | The Boris and Natasha

Just like the blossoms, this drink is light pink, floral and citrus-y. It’s got Figenza vodka, flora liquor made with hibiscus and elderflower, fresh lemon, rose and a splash of soda.

First and South’s Boris and Natasha cocktail (credit: @dyoungphoto).

The Frisky Oyster | The Cherry Blossom

This ruby red dream is made with Tito’s, Muscat wine, Luxardo cherry juice and lemon.

The Frisky Oyster’s Cherry Blossom (credit: The Frisky Oyster).

Demarchelier | Petal de Rose Margarita

Cazadores Tequila blanco is mixed with fresh lime and triple sec before being flower-fied with rose syrup and a garnish of a cherry blossom.

Petal de Rose Margarita (credit: Emily Demarchelier).

Green Hill Kitchen | Sakura Esplanade

GHK’s fancy looking cocktail is made from Roku gin, blossom infused vermouth, Kirschwasser, cherry blossom syrup and champagne. 

American Beech | Rye Cherry Smash

Served in a copper mug looking almost too tropical to drink, the cherry blossom-inspired cocktail has Bulleit rye whiskey, dark cherries, sugar, mint, and sparkling water to add some bubbly.

American Beech’s Rye Cherry Smash (credit: American Beech).

Andy’s | Cherry Vodka Martini

Inside this frosty glass is cherry, watermelon lemonade and vodka.

Andy’s Cherry Vodka Martini (credit: Andy’s).

Kate’s Cheese Co. | Sake Bloody Mary

This morning beverage is a full on meal, topped with shrimp and bacon topped with a halloumi slider.

The sake Bloody Mary from Kate’s Cheese Co. (credit: Kate’s Cheese Co.).

Agave Grill and Cantina | Cherry Blossom Margarita

The Mexican restaurant went floral with this classic marg dressed with a maraschino cherry and a pink blossom.

Ellen’s on Front | Cherry Gin Fizz

The beautiful pink to purple ombre comes from a mixture of Empress gin, Luxardo cherries, lemon, agave and a splash of soda.

Ellen’s on Front Cherry Gin Fizz (credit: Ellen’s on Front).

Noah’s | Cherry Blossom Fizz

Sparkling Pointe’s Brut wine, luxardo cherry liqueur, lemon juice and Woodford Whiskey make this pink drink with a garnish of a cherry and cherry blossom.

Noah’s Cherry Blossom Fizz (credit: Noah’s).

Lucharitos | Cherry Blossom Marg

Lucha’s takes their famous margarita mix and added some flowery flair to it with fresh lime, cherry juice and a hint of agave syrup, garnished with cherry and lime.

The cherry blossom margarita from Lucharitos (credit: Lucharitos)

Little Creek Oyster | Springtime Spritz

This refresher is made with prosecco and pomegranate.

The Springtime Spritz (credit: Little Creek).

Keep an eye out for other special treats coming from Greenport businesses like a special tea from Special Tea House, cherry blossom inspired goods from Blue Duck Bakery, and a cherry blossom spring roll from Stirling Sake.