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Love Lane KItchen

(Credit: David Benthal)

Love Lane KItchen

If you’re searching for something to do with a loved one this upcoming Valentine’s Day, Love Lane Kitchen has you covered. Stay in for the weekend, do a fun activity together with your love and have a delicious dinner at the end all without having to leave your home.

As part of a monthly series, the Mattituck-based restaurant is offering on-demand cooking classes and providing all the ingredients necessary — including wine and homemade cookies for dessert. 

“We’ve been hosting cooking classes at LLK during the winter season for several years,” owner Carolyn Iannone said. “Since the pandemic, it seems like all the original ways we found joy in the work we do faces challenge after challenge.”

“While we are still adapting, the team and I brainstormed some ways to keep serving our community in safe and fun ways,” she continued. “We knew we couldn’t host cooking classes in house so, like so many other things, we thought why not try it virtually?”

The classes are not live, but instead filmed in house at the restaurant with Iannone and chef Cory Guastella; you get access once you purchase the package. This first class will be available Valentine’s Day weekend and features vegetable risotto — one of Guastella’s favorite dishes and a staple on the Love Lane Kitchen menu.

“The class is $80, and we provide all the ingredients needed for the class, including everything like a homemade vegetable broth, all fresh veggies and herbs, and a bottle of white wine,” Iannone said. “My mom’s also baking homemade cookies to include in each order.” 

In the video, Guastella takes you through the basic knife skills and tips on how to prepare everything. He also recommends ways to get creative and make the dish your own and how to get the most out of every ingredient. 

If this pilot program goes well Iannone hopes to continue with a new video and recipe available each month. Most of all, she hopes this brings a little Love Lane Kitchen home to her customers.

“We miss hosting the cooking class in our kitchen and offering that in-person hospitality,” Iannone said. “We also miss a full dining room, especially on a weekend like Valentine’s Day. But this is a way we can still connect and provide a safe and delicious way to enjoy a special dish.”

Sign up for the on-demand cooking classes from Love Lane Kitchen through its website. Each package is $80 and is meant for two people. Once the classes are ready for purchase, you’ll receive an email notification with further instructions.