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A still from Rymer’s newsest music video for his track, ‘Me on the Map.’ (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Musician Brady Rymer brings the maxim of taking pride in your hometown to his littlest listeners with his new song “Me on the Map.”

And he’s putting his money where his mouth is by featuring Southold, his current hometown, in the song’s accompanying video.

The music video, which was officially released today, features scenes of Kenney’s Beach, Sound View Dunes Park, Great Pond and fields along the North Road. Rymer, who performs with The Little Band That Could, strums his guitar as he sings along with the video’s cast, which features local friends, neighbors and fans.

“There is no place more beautiful than this area, especially for a song called “Me on the Map,” said the Grammy-Award nominated singer/songwriter. He and his wife Bridget and their two children have lived in Southold since 2002, he said.

The inspiration for the song came from the children’s book “Me on the Map” by Joan Sweeney, Rymer said.


He was inspired by the idea of children finding their place in the world and appreciating where they live. And the phrase “me on the map” itself, which is the song’s refrain, had a lyrical quality.

The end result, like most of Rymer’s tracks, is an uplifting beat with a positive message.

A still from Rymer's newsest music video for his track, 'Me on the Map.' (Credit: Courtesy photo)
A still from Rymer’s newsest music video for his track, ‘Me on the Map.’ (Credit: Courtesy Randee Daddona/Bumblin’ Bee Records)

The scenes for the video, filmed by cinematographer Alex Rappoport and fellow Southold resident and northforker contributing photographer Randee Daddona, were locations close to Rymer’s heart.

“We were just so happy to do this video here. We just think this place is so special,” said Rymer, who plays harmonica on the track. “It’s a little love letter to this little place on the map.”

The album, which was released in June, features other singles like “Press Play,” “I surprise myself” and One Day By The Riverside.” Press Play is currently being considered for a Grammy nomination.