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The Frisky Oyster’s new facade (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

At the Frisky Oyster in Greenport, the new windows are what you notice right away. Gone is the familiar gigantic plate glass window, replaced now with taller and slimmer bi-folding windows.

“The windows will now open all the way up,” said owner and executive chef Robert Beaver. “So on a nice day we can have an open air lounge up there. It definately creates a more cohesive lounge area.”

It’s all part of Frisky’s recent facelift, a project created more out of necessity then vanity.

“The building needed repair,” Beaver said.  “It’s 90-years old and the base structure that was there had never been rebuilt.”

Besides the usual wear and tear, a good deal of damage was contributed by Hurricane Sandy deposited nearly two feet of standing water on Front Street back in 2012, Beaver said.

“It was popping and needed to be replaced, so we came up with a better design that flows better for the business,” explained Beaver.

Customers entering the restaurant will now walk straight into an open reception area that leads to the host stand, rather then having to cut through the bar area to be seated.

“It kind of streamlines it now,” said Beaver. “We’re just touching up some paint, updating the bar and creating some cozy seating for the new window space.”

Beaver assures there will be no major changes to the menu — the seasonal farm-to-table food and eclectic dishes will remain.

The eatery’s new sign went up on Thursday afternoon just hours before the restaurant re-opened for business.

The Frisky Oyster is located at 27 Front Street in Greenport. For more information call (631) 477-4265 Or visit