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A sign outside Breeze Hill Farm’s Main Road location. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

You might have seen a new sign bearing the logo of Peconic’s Breeze Hill Farm: a crest featuring the letters BHF above the colors of the Italian flag, recently installed on Main Road in Peconic.

That’s because the Route 48 business, known for its popular apple cider and doughnuts all made with ingredients grown at the farm, is adding a second location.

Breeze Hill owner Chris Pia, a part-time Cutchogue resident who also owns the building that houses Lombardi’s Love Lane Market in Mattituck, purchased the 27-acre Peconic parcel for $1,325,000 earlier this year, according to public records.

There he plans to offer a family-friendly agritainment complex, with a market selling produce grown at the farm, recreation activities for children, and yes, apple cider and doughnuts. The property was most recently home to Briarcliff Sodding Inc.

“Everything we do at the north farm were going to do at the south farm,” Pia said, though he expects the new market to be about three times the size of the one on Route 48.

After making some cosmetic improvements, Pia hopes to have the new property open to the public by May.

Pia is considering adding a corn maze, picnic tables, animals and a bocce court to the property. It will also feature bike racks, he said.

“I really want to appeal to the biking community,” said Pia, who is also CEO of the Manhattan hedge fund Pia Capital.

Pia purchased the Route 48 property in 2008 to use as a hunting preserve and retreat for his family. Today about 2,500 apple trees, bearing Jonagolds, McIntosh and honey crisp apples (among other varieties), grow on the property. The farm also produces kale, tomatoes and blueberries among other crops which it sells at its market.

“It slowly turned into a money-making entity, however that wasn’t its goal,” he said.

It has also become a destination for its fresh apple cider and cinnamon-dusted doughnuts.

“I was pretty much blown away by the product at this farm,” exclaimed one Yelp commenter. “I’ve been back three times in one week!”

Pia plans to plant about 2,000 apple trees on the new property, approximately doubling the venture’s orchard size.

He considers the new location an alternative or a supplement to a day spent visiting the North Fork’s vineyards.

“There are so many alcoholic venues out there, I think to have regular, fresh apple cider on that road would be a home run,” he said earlier this week. “It’s really for the kids.”

Breeze Hill Farm South will be located at 38705 Main Road, Peconic.