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Greenport Village will host a “Mom-a-thon” event this Mother’s Day weekend. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

For the second time this year, Real Estate magazine “The Real Deal” mentioned the North Fork — this time specifically Greenport — in comparison to the most populous borough in the biggest city in America.

While the 2,200 or so people that call Greenport home is considerably less than the 2.6 million who reside in Brooklyn, the article in the July issue does raise some of the similarities between the two locales. Like some of the trendier neighborhoods in BK, the focus in Greenport is still on small, independently owned shops rather than corporate chains. And also like the borough of Kings, real estate prices are certainly on the rise.

The magazine also asked whether or not the North Fork could be the new Brooklyn back in April.

The average home in Greenport, Orient and East Marion sold for $550,000 in the second quarter of 2015, up from $474,000 in the same quarter in 2014, according to data released from Town and Country Real Estate.

“It’s a sleepy little town starting to hit its stride,” Corcoran broker and northforker columnist Sheri Winter Clarry told the magazine. “It is a lot like Brooklyn.”

But Brooklyn home prices reached a whopping average price of $788,529 and a median price of $605,000 this past quarter, according to a report released by Douglas Elliman.

Whether or not there is a Brooklynification going on in Greenport, the fact that business is booming for some is undeniable.

Lucharitos owner Marc LaMaina recently expanded the restaurant from 800-square-feet to 2,000-square-feet, the article notes, and resort wear shop Lido moved into a larger space earlier this season.

“We’ve been really busy — two-hour waits on weekends, serving up to 700 people a day,” LaMaine told the magazine.

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