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Credit: Brian Burkhardt courtesy

Ladies of the North Fork, here’s your chance to channel your inner bad girl.

Brian Burkhardt, a former Greenport resident and season one winner of Lifetime’s “Project Accessory,” is looking for women to photograph for his Naranja Nuevo Negro photo project, which is inspired by the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.”

Burkhardt is searching for women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to pose Thursday, July 23, at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. in Peconic. All subjects will be photographed wearing a leather jacket designed by Burkhardt. The shoot runs from noon to 10 p.m. and no previous modeling experience is required.

“In the art world they have a dialogue with their own members and sometimes it’s not accessible to everybody,” said Burkhardt, who is also the lead vocalist for the band The Golden Fists of Fury. “I found this project is totally accessible and open to everyone.”

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The project, which originated in Miami, where Burkhardt lives, in inspired by the unlikely sisterhood developed among some of the female characters on the hit show, which is set at the fictional Litchfield Penitentiary in upstate New York. It is also inspired by how shows like “Orange is the New Black” or AMC’s “Breaking Bad” can unite their fans across race and class lines.

The subjects for “Negro” are portrayed in a “biker chick … sexy tough girl” aesthetic, Burkhardt said. You can see examples here.

All subjects will be emailed one image from the shoot by Sept. 15. The photograph may also be displayed in an upcoming gallery show or in a potential book.

Directions and a list of things to bring can be found here.

Burkhardt stressed that the harsh lighting will result in photos that are far grittier than glamour shots. But, he added, that can make the process liberating for some people.

“When they hear that, it releases something in people and lets them be who ever they want to be,” he said.

To book a slot, call (305) 588-1667 or email Burkhardt at [email protected].