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Senior Taco is moving into the space previously occupied by Avo Mexican Grill (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

A short message on its Facebook page was all that alerted customers to the fact that Avo Mexican Grill in Wading River was no more.

“If you were wondering why Avo was closed tonight … Yes, the location is under renovations. We were approached with an opportunity which we accepted. We wish the new owners the best of luck! Thank you for your patronage!”

Sad news for fans of the Mexican eatery that opened its doors barely a year ago. Calls to Joe Goller, co-owner of the establishment, went unanswered.

The 1,600-square-foot space has seen a succession of food businesses pass through there in the last few years, most recently it was an ice cream parlor before Avo took over the space. The 16-seat restaurant, which was co-owned by Tara and Steven Dietz of Baiting Hollow as well as Goller and his wife Larissa Figari Goller of Northport, is located across the street from the King Kullen shopping center on Route 25A.

It launched several weeks after another local Tex-Mex joint, Mesquite, opened the doors of its nearby Wading River location.

A visit to the restaurant on Tuesday did show signs of life. Posters advertising a new Señor Taco restaurant were papered on the front door and in some of the windows. A plumber working at the location also confirmed that a new restaurant was in the works.

Avo mentioned the new owners on its Facebook page and said Señor Taco would honor its “Pay it Forward” board, which allows customers to buy meals for other patrons.

Señor Taco is a restaurant chain specializing in standard Mexican fare such as burritos, wraps and tacos, but also serving up a Tex-Mex menu that includes Tex-Mex pizza and chili. There are already two Señor Taco restaurants on Long Island, including one in Mount Sinai and another in Holbrook.

Representatives from Señor Taco did not return calls seeking comment.