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A Shelter Island view from the ‘Kissing Rock.’ (Credit: Charity Robey)

The view from SALT on Shelter Island.

20,000 years ago, as the glacier of the last Ice Age receded, a rocky island with a jagged shoreline was left between the North and South forks of what would someday be called Long Island. 

I’m sitting on one of those rocks on a sliver of sand beside Ram Island Dr., which connects Shelter Island and Little Ram Island. I’m gazing at the lighthouse that marks another pile of rocks, across the bay. Grateful for that glacial scouring that resulted in the many spots on Shelter Island with sweeping vistas, I’m about to celebrate this place the same way I celebrate everything. With food and drink.

Among the many joys of Shelter Island are the undeveloped, tucked-away spots that are ideal for a picnic, meditation or just “living slow.” These are places without a parking lot, bathrooms or even picnic tables. Here are three of my favorites, paired with food and drink inspired by the spot itself.