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Sherwood House Vineyards on Oregon Road in Mattituck. (Credit: Sheri Winter Clarry)
Sherwood House Vineyards on Oregon Road in Mattituck. (Credit: Sheri Winter Clarry)

What I thought was a “newish” trend in real estate, the “backyard vineyard,”  turns out not to be a new trend at all, but quite a longstanding tradition. The Native Americans of this region harvested wild grapes and incorporated them into their daily diet.  And after 1640, the early settlers grew native grapes along arbors behind their homes.

The world renowned Australian viticulturist Dr. Richard Smart, on a rare trip to Long Island in February of 2000, stated that the soils of Long Island “are among the finest soils for grape growing that I have ever seen in the world.”

So, I can safely say, that from a real estate perspective, those beautiful grapes growing on lush vines certainly help curb appeal!

However, the big question remains — how much acreage would one need?

After speaking with local experts David Page co-owner of Shinn Estate Vineyards and a representative of the Long Island Sustainable Wine Growing, it turns out that a quarter of an acre is plenty!

David points out that you do need a buffer from your home and the vines especially from an aesthetic perspective. David has conceptualized and helped people with these backyard designer vineyards and is a wealth of knowledge. Though he is quick to point out that while it is extremely romantic, there is some work involved!

Another great resource is Steve Mudd of Mudd Vineyards. Call him at (631) 765-1248.

And of course once you are ready, Premium Wine Group in Mattituck can help produce and bottle your private label for you (ask for Rus.)

What’s better than having your own beautiful backyard vineyard and then hoping on your boat?

And that is why there’s nothing quite like the North Fork, ladies and gentleman.

Sheri Winter Clarry