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Diners at the bar of The Frisky Oyster, one of Gothamist’s recommended dining options on the North Fork.

The New York City blog Gothamist published a guide to the North Fork this week and it’s pretty unpretentious and awesome, just as they describe it.  

The guide focuses on staying in Greenport but offers alternative stops elsewhere along the way, including Love Lane in Mattituck.

“Maybe you got the idea from ‘Girls,’” they wrote. “But the North Fork has been a great escape for city folk for decades. With inexpensive mom-and-pop motels, farmers and oystermen working land and shore, and a truly unpretentious vibe, The North Fork, is an all-season destination.”

They recommend eating dinner at The Frisky Oyster, picking up cheese at the Village Cheese Shop and Spending the night at the Silver Sands Motel, among many other stops.

Check it out for yourself