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sylvester manor farmstand shelter island

shelter island sylvester manor farm farmstand

Sylvester Manor Farm is now a Horn of Plenty for Shelter Island, offering local food everyday at their farmstand, (21 Manwaring Road) and Saturdays at the Shelter Island Farmers’ Market

Field tomatoes are just coming in, and the eggs, cheese, garlic, Swiss chard, carrots and peppers on offer make you want to run home and make an omelet.

The CSA program—weekly shares of the farm’s bounty—is in its fifth year.

Sylvester Manor farmstand shelter island
Photo by Charity Robey


This year’s shares sold out completely, but go online to get waitlisted for the next growing season.

In the meantime, seek out one of the 125 families who are participating and get invited to dinner.

For more information, call the Sylvester Manor at (631) 749-0626.