04/10/18 6:10am

Pick up a bottle of Sparkling Point Brut on your next visit to Stirling Sake in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal photos)

Remember the days when dinner was a protein-starch-veggie affair? There’s no shame if you can’t. Food may still sustain us, but these days it’s also meant to entertain us.

Blame the millennials, Instagram and wine and food subscription services, but experiential dining is now at the head of the table.

The Long Island restaurant scene has become more creative — putting a greater emphasis on shareable conversation-starting tapas, local ingredients and plating dishes so artistically they look almost too good to eat.  (more…)

03/17/17 10:30am

Wölffer Estate 2016 Rosé. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

For a great many people in the tri-state area, our Wine of the Week, Wölffer Estate 2016 Rosé ($18), is Long Island wine, not just the unofficial wine of the Hamptons. There truly may not be a better known Long Island wine.


05/18/16 1:53pm
(Credit: Lenn Thompson)

(Credit: Lenn Thompson)

I don’t really subscribe to the all-too-common term “rosé season.” I do drink more rosé from May to September than the cooler months, but I drink it year round. Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t happen in my house without rosé.

The reasons are plentiful, but the main thing I look for in any wine is versatility. Rosé, depending on its style, can work with most any food. Not Frosted Flakes, perhaps, but you can find rosé that helps everything from local fluke crudo to duck confit to a burger shine. A bold, slightly tannic rosé can even work with a steak.

This week’s Wine of the Week doesn’t fall into that category. It’s more of a rosé to enjoy on the beach, by the pool or with lighter fare.

Wölffer Estate 2015 “Summer in a Bottle” Rosé ($24), made from 57% merlot, 20% cabernet franc, 12% chardonnay, and 11% gewürztraminer, isn’t as overtly fruity as previous vintages, but is still focused and super refreshing.


10/17/14 7:00am
Tour three North Fork B&Bs and Mattituck's Love Lane and benefit the North Fork Community Theater on Saturday. (Credit: Northforker file photo)

(Credit: Northforker file photo)

There are a lot of places to eat on Love Lane and on Friday night you can try a sampling some of our favorites plus a tasting of Wölffer Estate Vineyard‘s vino during Roanoke Vineyards’ Stroll Down Love Lane. (more…)