08/21/19 5:49am

The Farmhouse Style and The Grape Pomace are available at the Winemaker’s Studio in Peconic. (Credit: Cyndi Zaweski)

Refreshing and slightly bubbly, Anthony Nappa Wines has released two small batch sparkling ciders under its reserve Shared Table Farmhouse label ahead of fall.

The two hard ciders, The Farmhouse Style and The Grape Pomace, are low alcohol and easy drinking with an effervescence achieved through a technique called bottle conditioning, similar to a method used to give sparkling wines their fizz. (more…)

10/13/13 1:01am
long island wine press anomaly white pinot noir anthony nappa

Photo by Katharine Schroeder

Anomaly (n): deviation from the common rule. 

SEE ALSO: Anthony Nappa’s white pinot noir Anomaly, which consistently earns rave reviews from countless publications. 

A white pinot noir? Huh? As the name suggests, pinot noir grapes are black and, though difficult to grow, produce some of the finest red wine in the world. How does one go about making a white pinot noir?  (more…)