07/31/18 6:10am

North Fork summers present plenty of reasons to raise a glass — from dinners with waterfront views, catching sunsets on the beach and seafood that can hold its own with other East Coast regions.

And when it comes to finding a bottle of wine, North Forkers need not look further than their own backyards.

North Fork vineyards have cellars full of wines ready for everything our region’s high season throws at us. We spoke to local vintners for picks for every summer occasion, from clambakes on the beach to backyard soirées.  (more…)

06/09/16 2:40pm
Chickens at Shinn Estate Vineyards. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Chickens at Shinn Estate Vineyard. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Shinn Estate Vineyard in Mattituck is hosting a series of educational “Summer Family Days” this season with each event focused on farming and science.

The events aim to teach children and their parents about the natural elements of the world and Shinn’s farming practices, the vineyard’s owner said. (more…)

08/13/15 1:13pm
Lenz 2011 Cuvée is a delicious sparkling wine. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Lenz 2011 Cuvée is a delicious sparkling wine. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Now that we’re through Thanksgiving and the snow has arrived, it’s time for the annual sparkling wine column that so many wine writers pen leading up to the winter holidays. Let’s talk about bubbly, people!

Wait a minute — It’s mid-August! Summer produce is abundant (hello, tomatoes). It’s in the 80s this week. And the beaches are packed.

You know what? You should still be drinking sparkling wine. I beg of you, don’t hide that lone bottle of bubbly in the back of your fridge until New Year’s Eve. No. Stop reading this story, get up from your laptop or put down your phone and open it. Drink it. And enjoy it. (more…)