04/11/17 6:03am
Veterans Beach Park

Jackson Parpan rides the slide at Veterans Beach Park. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

One day early this spring my two-year-old son Jackson woke up and asked me a question about how he was going to spend his day.

It was a Monday morning, so my wife and I were headed to work and him to daycare, but something else was on his mind.

“I go park?,” he asked, his voice quiet and optimistic.

“You have to go to school today,” I responded.

“NO,” he said loudly, and with concern. “I GO PARK.”

Playgrounds are the little man’s latest obsession, following in the footsteps of animated Disney films, binkies and Pirate’s Booty. When our boy is into something, he really goes all in. I once watched “The Incredibles” 10 times in a week.

With winter over and summer on the horizon, I recognize the television sets must be turned off. So we’ve started filling our time at the many great parks the North Fork has to offer. Jack can’t get enough. (more…)

08/29/16 6:01am
Sophia Blydenburgh, 4, of Miller Place at Spirit's Promise Horse Farm and Rescue Center. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Sophia Blydenburgh, 4, of Miller Place at Spirit’s Promise Horse Farm and Rescue Center. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

If you have young children, you know that hands-on activities are fun, educational and encourage them to pay attention. Add animal interactions to the equation and you have yourself a memorable, super-successful family outing.

Whenever I plan a day trip with my daughter, who is about to turn 5 years old, animals (and most of the time, fish) must be the focus of our outing. Opportunities to meet and pet a goat or feed stingrays are satisfying experiences for all of us — Mom, Dad and daughter alike.

Here are some North Fork locations we recommend to help you and your family get that animal fix. (more…)

05/03/16 6:03am
Young Farmer's Camp at Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder) Katharine Schroeder Photo

Young Farmer’s Camp at Sang Lee Farms in Peconic. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

It’s time to start thinking about how your little North Forkers are going to spend their time off from school.

The following is a partial list of summer camps. Please call or check websites for detailed information on camp activities, schedules and fees.

If we forgot any, be sure to tell us in the comment section.


08/21/15 7:00am
Evan and Brian Huber watch the sun rise over Peconic Bay. (Credit: Laura Huber)

Evan and Brian Huber watch the sun rise over Peconic Bay. (Credit: Laura Huber)

The Northforker mom has a confession to make. For the month of July, I didn’t spend much time out on the North Fork. Or with my kids.

After Brian’s ninth birthday on July 2, Bill and I went to Napa to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. The rest of the weekends were filled with concerts, bridal showers, and other mom adventures. I missed spending time with my boys. I’d like to say that they missed me terribly, but they got to spend some time with their dad, Grammy, Pop-Pop and Grandpa, having their own North Fork adventures. (more…)

04/24/15 7:01am
Evan and Brian Huber

Evan and Brian Huber at Orient Beach State Park. (Credit: Laura Huber)

After a week of tests, science projects and spring colds, the Hubers needed to get out of the house.

We decided it would be a good idea to check out two places we had never been as a family: Orient Beach and Wildwood state parks. (more…)