11/04/15 7:57pm
Greenport Harbor Brewing Company's new North Fork Test Kitchen. (Credit: All pictures courtesy Greenport Harbor Brewing Company)

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s new North Fork Test Kitchen truck. (All pictures courtesy Greenport Harbor Brewing Company)

Already known for its award-winning brews, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company could soon be just as much of a destination for its food.

Last month atse brewery unveiled its first food truck, the North Fork Test Kitchen. As GHB founder John Liegey sees it, that’s just part of the brewery’s natural progression.

“It just clicked that this would be a great way to get food introduced the way [chef Brian Russell] and the brewery have been talking about,” said Liegey.  “Come up with a menu that would pair well with the beer and really push the flavors you’d experience to another level.”