04/08/19 6:00am

Party guests prepare horseradish in 2015. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

There’s an annual party that occurs each spring in Riverhead that people will tell you is the best foodie event on the North Fork.

It’s not hosted by a local chef or winery and there’s no advertising budget associated with it. It’s not even really open to the public.  (more…)

04/19/15 4:41pm
North Fork Horseradish Festival

Horseradish grown at Schmitt’s Family Farm. (Credit: Vera Chinese photos)

Tinamarie Cantanese of Baiting Hollow brought a mason jar of freshly squeezed tomato juice to stand out among the competition. And Bridget Senefelder of Miller Place hoped a bottle of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut 90 would get her noticed.

No, a can of V8 juice and a celery stalk wasn’t going to cut it for the the judges in the bloody mary contest at the second annual North Fork Horseradish Festival on Sunday. (more…)