06/26/17 12:42pm

A Jamesport Vineyards staffer pours some local selections. (Credit: David Benthal photos)

Now in its third year, North Fork Crush Artisanal Food and Wine Festival returned to Jamesport Vineyards on Saturday, June 24.

More than two dozen wine producers gathered at the Main Road vineyard and offered samples of their wines — many poured by the winemakers themselves — and bottles for purchase.

We sent contributing northforker photographer David Benthal to capture the fun.

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05/19/15 6:05am
Jamesport Vineyards

Jamesport Vineyards will host an event on June 27 dubbed “North Fork Crush.” (Credit: Vera Chinese)

The North Fork Craft Beer Festival celebrates and showcases artisanal beer every year. And the Pour the Core festival, coming up on its fourth year, does the same thing for craft cider.

But there’s never been a similar large-scale event on the North Fork where patrons could sample the offerings of several Long Island wineries (and purchase the bottles they like) in one spot.

Until this summer. (more…)