08/30/18 5:55am

This beach cottage in Orient is modern meets classic. (Credit: LGM creative)

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The importance of curb appeal cannot be undersold. The exterior of a home is the first insight into the homeowners’ sense style and self. Architects are the first to put these individual aesthetics to paper. They are charged with bringing out the best in existing construction or formulating the best in the new.

These four North Fork architects and builders executed this task to exemplary heights. In the final installment of our Dream Series, these pros prove that a true dream home starts from the outside in. (more…)

03/07/18 6:05am

Architect Meryl Kramer at her Southold office. (Credit: David Benthal)

Paging through a glossy design magazine filled with minimalist images fills almost anyone with a sense of calm-verging-on-euphoria. The cool, pristine perfection of it all is truly an inspiration — until reality intrudes. That dream house you covet is not a year-round home, you discover; the owners are rarely there. Or they don’t have children, whose shoes, artwork, sports trophies and contents of their backpacks seem to ooze into every corner. Or a dog, who considers the kitchen an extension of the mudroom.  (more…)

07/17/16 6:45am
North Fork Egg Farm's chicken coops were designed by architect Meryl Kramer. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

North Fork Egg Farm’s chicken coops were designed by architect Meryl Kramer. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

They say that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. But as the popularity of raising backyard chickens continues to grow, many North Forkers are opting to build their own chicken coops or hen houses — either from scratch or repurposed materials. Here are four decidedly one-of-a-kind examples:

Eight years ago, Matt and Marilyn Pasierb of East Marion launched North Fork Egg Farm with 35 free-range hens. Today, the Southold operation is home to 450.  (more…)