06/26/15 6:20am
Brian Huber fishing at Laurel Lake (Credit: Laura Huber)

Brian Huber fishing at Laurel Lake (Credit: Laura Huber)

School’s out and the Huber boys have a bunch of fun things planned for this summer.

Sure, they’ll be spending some time indoors playing video games, but mostly they’ll be running, biking and playing in the water.

Need plans for the little ones? Here are some North Fork ideas you can do with your kids to keep them moving and active during the summer months. (more…)

05/10/15 1:16pm
Laura Huber Mother's Day

Brian and I celebrating my first Mother’s Day at The Birchwood in 2007. (Credit: Laura Huber, courtesy)

After a crazy, hectic week of scheduling and running around, Northforker Mom is ready to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Although I tell my boys that “every day is Mother’s Day,” we moms really only get one special day that’s supposed to be all about us. So for this week, I’d like to share a top five list of things I’ve learned since becoming a mom. (more…)

03/20/15 9:00am

Brian and Evan (Huber) visiting goats at Goodale Farms in Aquebogue. (Credit: Laura Huber)

This winter has been a long one. Like most of you moms and dads out there, your kids have been probably driving you a little crazy. The good news is there are great things you can do to get your kids psyched for spring and sunshine.  (more…)

03/06/15 8:00am
Evan Huber enjoys an afternoon at the Riverhead Free Library. (Credit: laura Huber)

Evan Huber puts on a puppet show at the Riverhead Free Library. (Credit: laura Huber)

Like most people, I spend way too much time on my phone. I’m a pretty regular Facebooker, Tweeter and Instagrammer, and I also spend a lot of time reading articles, looking things up and watching weather reports. (Will spring ever get here?)  (more…)

02/06/15 9:00am
Evan Huber (6), Emily Tedesco (6) and Brian Huber (8) at the Riverhead Grill on Sunday. (Credit: Laura Huber)

Evan Huber (6), Emily Tedesco (6) and Brian Huber (8) at the Riverhead Grill on Sunday. (Credit: Laura Huber)

How many times have you come home from work, stared at the sole block of cheese in the refrigerator and thought, “let’s go out to dinner tonight.” Simple … unless you have children, that is.

And if your kids are like our kids, they each only eat five things. And the five things one kid eats, the other kid won’t touch. Also, our little guys, like most others, hate sitting still for more than five minutes.

Chain restaurants make it really convenient to dine with kids, featuring cutesy menus, crayons and plenty of ice cream. But for comparable prices, you can have a great family meal, support a local business and give your kids a new favorite restaurant.  (more…)

07/13/12 6:53pm

How did Author Laura Huber manage to survive one full day out on the North Fork with her husband and two young children.

Three writers were given a day to tour the North Fork in three very different ways:

1 a trip from NYC

2 a guys’ day out

3 a family outing

Here’s part two of our series:

As every parent knows, taking kids anywhere is an adventure (read: chore).

So when I was offered the assignment of going out to the wineries with my husband and two young boys, my initial excitement was overcome by terror and anxiety.

What in the world was I going to do with this group? (more…)