03/05/19 5:57am

Hadley Wiggins-Marin has a two-pronged North Fork business featuring interior design services and a vintage general store. Photographer David Benthal chose to photograph her at the historic Vail-Leavitt Music Hall in downtown Riverhead. (Credit: David Benthal)

North Found & Co. deals in found objects and, in a sense, Hadley Wiggins-Marin is one of them. 

Before the North Fork “found her,” she had no history with the area and, despite growing up in New York City, had always summered on (gasp!) Martha’s Vineyard. But 10 years ago, while casually house-hunting in Sag Harbor with her Italian then-boyfriend, now her husband, an astute realtor redirected them to the North Fork. The couple toured five homes in one day, closed on one three weeks later, then showed up at their 1920s New Suffolk farmhouse on a motorcycle with no furniture.  (more…)