04/14/17 6:02am
Garden of Eve Farm Brewery Beer

“Cheers” from Garden of Eve Organic Farm Brewery owner Chris Walbrecht-Kaplan. The organic farm and market is now brewing beer. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Many beer fans have been known to visit the breweries that make their favorite pints.

Far fewer ale lovers have made a trip to the farm field where the grain for the beverage’s malt was grown.

Unless, of course, those two things happened in the same place. (more…)

09/19/16 6:03am
Some of the many varieties of garlic.

Some of the many varieties of garlic.

After the first minute of the competition, the contestants eyes started to water and their breath got really smelly.

But such is the risk of a garlic eating competition, like the one held during Garden of Eve’s annual two-day Long Island Garlic Festival this weekend.

The pungent bulb was the star of the show at the event which included fair vendors, garlic cooking demonstrations, garlic tastings, live music, pony rides and more fall-themed fun at the Riverhead farm. Now in its 13th year, the festival draw a crowd from across the Island.

Steve Zeggers of Wantagh bested nine other foul-breathed contestants in the garlic eating competition on Sunday, eating 27 cloves — with the skin intact — in just two minutes.

His prize? $100 cash.

“I don’t really like garlic so I had to come up with a system,” said Zeggers, who took on the nickname “Bulbasaur” for the contest. “I bite them in half and then I take a drink of water.”

“I literally got them stuck in my throat,” added his wife Heather, aka “Maria Sharaclova,” who was able to down 17 bulbs.

“I feel great. I love having garlic breath for the next three days,” she added.

See more photos from the festival below. (more…)

08/26/16 5:59am
Passengers ride on the 1964-1965 LIRR Pavillion World's Fair train. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Passengers ride on the 1964-1965 LIRR Pavillion World’s Fair train at the Riverhead Railroad Festival. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Looking for something to do on the North Fork this weekend? Northforker has you covered.

Here are five events to check out this weekend. As always, visit northforker.com/events for additional ideas.


11/10/15 11:02am
Expect lots of carrots in the winter CSA program at Sang Lee Farms. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

g Expect carrots in your winter CSA program at Sang Lee Farms. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

The ground will soon freeze over and we can expect the white stuff to make its first substantial appearance in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get organic, fresh and locally grown produce.

While many farm stands shut down around the end of November, several North Fork organic farms offer winter community supported agriculture programs with items like fresh veggies, free-range eggs and cheese. (more…)