09/13/16 6:01am
Long Ireland Beer Company co-owner Dan Burke (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Long Ireland Beer Company co-owner Dan Burke (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

The calendar may say September, but the folks at Long Ireland Beer Company are thinking about St. Patrick’s Day.

This Saturday, Sept. 17, the brewery will host its sixth annual “Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Party.” Festivities will include 12 Long Ireland beers on tap, food trucks like the Grill Boys and Chiddy’s serving up their specialities, live music performed by Long Island’s own Gallagher Brothers Band and bagpipes.

Celebrating the halfway date to St. Patrick’s Day has become a traditional event for these Riverhead brewers.

“A lot of breweries do anniversary parties on their opening day,” said co-owner Greg Martin. “But we opened on March 1, then started selling beer two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, so we didn’t want to do a big party just two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day.” (more…)