10/08/18 5:55am

Tom Schlichter with a big blackfish caught off Orient Point. (Credit: Capt. Jerry McGrath)

Summer flounder (aka fluke), snappers and blue claw crabs are favorite targets of North Fork anglers. However, as the warm, sunny days of summer are replaced with the brisk, cold northerly winds of autumn, those species retreat to more pleasant waters. As they leave, a “bulldog” of a fish has begun its migration to our inshore waters.     (more…)

10/12/13 1:13pm
long island blackfish fishing north fork tautog

Photo by Capt. Sloan Gurney, Black Rock Fishing (OrientPointFishing.com) | Gus with a 8-lb 7-oz Blackfish caught off the North Fork this week.

Tautoga onitis is certainly a strange looking creature. Tough skin, barrel shape, depressed head, rubbery lips, and teeth that make an orthodontist think of braces: these are features that put the tautog far to the back of the beauty parade. But function and form go together, and, when it comes to crushing mollusks and living in rockpiles, the blackfish is perfectly adapted. Moreover, when it comes to wrestling matches, this creature impresses the angler using suitable medium or medium-light tackle, and the gourmet is equally impressed by fresh tautog fillets on the table. (more…)