03/31/17 6:15am

Although John Venduras lives in Connecticut, his face is familiar to many who live on the North Fork. They meet in the middle of Long Island Sound aboard the Cross Sound Ferry.

For some passengers, the 80-minute ride between Orient Point and New London, Conn. — offering views of Plum Island and Fishers Island — is a perfect opportunity to relax with a cocktail.

Enter Mr. Venduras, one of 10 of bartenders who serve up drinks aboard Cross Sound Ferry’s fleet of vessels. (more…)

08/03/16 5:47pm

Andy Harbin is one of the most recognizable bartenders on the North Fork.

And that’s not just because on any given night he can be found behind the bar at either Sophie’s Rest in Southold, The Frisky Oyster in Greenport or Legends in New Suffolk.

No, Andy is well known mostly because he’s so darn good at his job.  (more…)

06/16/16 7:36am

Walking through Greenport Village, several bars and restaurants might catch your eye before you notice Brix & Rye. Located on the basement level of Stirling Square, the establishment is practically hidden from the village that surrounds it.

Anyone who has made the trip down the staircase into the bar, however, has surely taken notice of the exposed brick and dim lighting that combine with classic cocktails and live music to create a unique atmosphere.

They’re also sure to remember the man fixing their drink.  (more…)