01/20/18 6:20am

A juvenile bald eagle. (Credit: Chris Paparo/fishguyphotos)

One of the most recognizable and majestic birds of the North Fork is the bald eagle. This symbol of our great nation is a year-round resident, but its population soars during the winter months, especially after the deep freeze we have been experiencing lately.  (more…)

07/01/14 9:00am
It is the first time a nesting site had been found on Shelter Island (Credit: Jim Colligan, courtesy)

Two baby bald eagles, the offspring of this adult, will fly on Shelter Island this Fourth of July. (Credit: Jim Colligan, courtesy)

What could be a more patriotic nod to mark the Fourth of July than the sight of a baby bald eagle embarking on its first flight?

That would be two baby bald eagles seen flying high in the sky.  (more…)