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Aura Yoga is the East Ends only Hot Yoga studio. Located on the North Fork of Long Island, Aura Yoga is your go-to spot for hot yoga, meditation, and more.


I have dabbled in yoga hitting a couple classes here and there different types of yoga restorative and hot always got something out of it. Being a landscaper it really helps with aches and pain. Watching Colleen in her practice and training to become the teacher she is today showed me a completely different aspect on yoga the spiritual aspect. Its a way of life not just an exercise! Aura Yoga offers many types of yoga even Pilates and different teachers each with their own style its a good place for all people looking to improve their lives. In addition to wellness with 9.5 ph water, Kombucha and fire cidar im feeling like a new man. So if you have read my review this far i hope your interested in coming to Aura and look forward to meeting you on this spiritual journey of health wellness and peace of mind. Namaste

Tommy M.

Great studio! Knowledge and friendly teachers. Cozy spot in a vibrant North Fork town.

Erik R.

Took my first yoga class in many years here this morning. Such a warm and welcoming place for this novice to begin what will hopefully become a regular practice. Kaitlin was great, enabling me to work at my own pace. Fatigued and energized at the same time, and looking forward to doing it again.

John H.