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Tweeds Restaurant & Buffalo Bar

Join us every Wednesday night for date night featuring music by Mike Ryan and hosted by Suzie!


Believed to be the oldest continuing restaurant, bar and hotel in the town of Riverhead and the North Fork

Tweeds Restaurant & Buffalo Bar in the J.J. Sullivan Hotel serves the finest of local food specialties and wines representing the best Long Island vineyards

At Tweeds Restaurant we make every effort to use local products whenever possible. First, because its better; but more importantly this selection supports the local economy, which in turn supports and preserves a way of life that we treasure


The long Island chowder is a great start to a great dinner. The creme Brule is a great finish to a great dinner.
A sweet French onion soup with a buffalo trace is the ticket
Great atmosphere in downtown Riverhead. Great food, know for their bison and local wines.


Passed by this place so many times but never suspected that you could go in there, have a fantastic meal and feel like you were in an old movie for an hour or so. Great bar, loved the atmosphere, will definitely go back and bring friends

Julia S.

Tweeds is a kind of throwback. The type of place old world politicians, businessman and bootleggers would go. Expect to be taken back an era or two but it does the place justice. The bison burger is wonderful. Add cheese and bacon, you are in bison heaven. Great lunch spot for a burger.

Frank D.

As a steak lover, a friend of mine brought me here to have bison. I loved every minute of it. The bison was delicious, tasty and not as heavy/greasy feeling as beef. The wine was excellent and for appetizer we had the quail special which was very good and the crab cakes that were the best that I've ever eaten. We were too full for dessert but I'll definitely be returning. Also, they have bison steaks you can buy to go!!! SCORE!!

Diana B.