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There are many indications that the general mental health of people in the US has declined. Many of us are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

Yoga is an excellent means to support mental health by building strength and resiliency and offering diverse tools to regulate the nervous system and calm the mind. It is an important mental health support on its own and in combination with other mental health treatments.


Yoga offers many tools and practices that can ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions. It is helpful to have supportive conversations about mental health challenges and to be compassionate toward those who are suffering and seeking treatment.

Megan and Lisa will present a 2-hour workshop to demonstrate how yoga can affect the mind state, to share some yogic tools to address different challenges and talk about how yoga might fit in with other mental health treatments.

Taking a yoga class can shift your mood from tense and worried to calm and peaceful, sometimes within the first five minutes of a class, and certainly by the end.

What if you could take home from the class the know-how to re-enter that calm and peaceful state whenever you need to in daily life by applying the principles of yoga?

Join Giving Room Yoga Teacher Megan Bowles who will show you why specific yoga postures are most effective at calming the body and mind. Megan will teach yoga poses and specific actions that can affect the body/mind state.
Lisa DeLuca, Therapist, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and a graduate of The Giving Room yoga teacher training will briefly discuss stress and anxiety from a mind-body mental health point of view and show you how and why yoga and meditation tools can be used to promote mental well being. She will lead meditation and visualization exercise