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Cheers! Cincin! Salute!

Join us in the picturesque setting of the farm as we learn how to taste wine from sommelier instructor Rose Thomas Bannister. She believes that wine tasting has its own language and vocabulary and that the purpose of wine knowledge is greater enjoyment and a deeper connection to the land. We will share charcuterie nibbles as she teaches techniques for a deeper connection with your own senses and cultural memories.

Connecting to Local Culture through Wine and Language Is the mission of wine educator Rose Thomas Bannister’s media project, Modo di Bere. “Modo di Bere,” way of drinking, is a pun on the Italian word for a saying, “modo di dire (way of speaking.” This multilingual podcast and YouTube travel show is her way of opening up the wine world concept of terroir, or sense of place, to include the local language.

Working with winemakers from Italy, Spain, Austria and the US over the course of her wine career has made Rose Thomas a passionate advocate for sustainable farms whose products contain stories about human history and nature that we can smell and taste. No special skills are required, just a mouth and a nose and to be ready to enjoy yourself!

Come early if you want the opportunity to pick organic strawberries or browse the farm shop! (please check website for U-Pick field updates)