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In this live webcast, Ed Anderson, a member of the Astronomical Society of Long Island (ASLI) and of the Custer Institute, will take us on a tour of things that can be seen in the sky this month.  He will highlight objects that are visible to the naked eye, requiring no equipment at all, then he will take us deeper into the universe as he points out celestial sights that are visible with the kind of binoculars that many people own and he’ll explore celestial wonders that can be seen with a small to medium sized telescope.  Ed will discuss how to find them in the sky, so that after the talk you can try locating them through your own binoculars or telescope.

This month, look for Jupiter and Saturn at opposition.  In 2020,  Jupiter is at opposition on July 14 and less than a week later, Saturn will be at opposition on July 20.  For distant planets like Jupiter and Saturn, this is the best time to view them, since they will be at their closest point to Earth.

This lecture will be held virtually from Custer Observatory.  Admission is FREE; registration required at