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Join us for a yoga flow class on Thursday, August 17th, at 9:30 AM at the picturesque Greek Church in Southampton. Hosted by the amazing Caitlin Diebold O’Connell, Olga Palladino will instruct. Please bring your own mat.

Specializing in her signature 360 class, Olga incorporates a dynamic vinyasa practice, highlighting Right Movement, Right Nutrition, Right Breathing, Right Relaxation & Right Intention. Through a hands-on and personal approach, all of her classes focus on spiritual and physical mindfulness, posture and breathwork, encouraging each student to tap into their own Right Intention. Olga is a certified Yoga teach and has been practicing since 2002, teaching since 2009 and has co-led teacher trainings at Five Pillars Yoga.

Proceeds from the class will support the Southampton Hospital Foundation. View the full Summer of Wellness schedule at