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A new monthly program with Executive Chef Stephan Bogardus starting in September.

Six lucky guests are invited to sign up for Chef Boot Camp. Day 1 guests go with Chef to learn the secrets of local and organic sourcing and prepping. Day 2 prepare the classic dish of the weekend. Oh and your dish will be on the menu. Halyard guests will be asked to sample each of our new chefs’ dishes and rate them. Best case scenario you become a local legend for having the best… worst case you have a great new recipe, someone else should prepare for you.


DAY 1, 2-3:30pm: Chef takes you to one his favorite local farms to source ingredients for his signature Ratatouille, then it’s back to the Halyard to prep the vegetables for tomorrow’s cook.

DAY 2, 2-3:30pm: Showtime! It’s time to create the dish of the evening alongside Chef and his team and then wait and see how the dish is received by the Halyard restaurant guests.