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The North Fork’s natural riches have been seducing people for more than four hundred years. The Algonquin Indians—and, later, Dutch and English colonists—first recognized the area for its waters rich with clams and fish, its fertile soil for growing crops and its abundant forests to support shipbuilding. Hearing the ocean’s call, many have long admired the inlets, creeks and bays and contrast the ruggedness of the Long Island Sound with the tranquility of Peconic Bay. In this pictorial history, local author Rosemary McKinley showcases the nautical history, idyllic seaside settings and lush landscapes of this picturesque country.

Rosemary McKinley is a local author who has written three books about this area. Her first book is 101 Glimpses of the North Fork and Islands.

The vintage pictures capture what life was like here on the East End one hundred years ago, including the influence of Native Americans, farming and fishing. Also Included are pictures of wineries. The author has been interested in history all of her life. She retired to become a published author in 2003 and worked to make that happen. She has been published in Fate Magazine, the Good Old Days Magazine, Newsday, the Wormwood Press, Clarity, Lucidity,, the Ultimate Teacher, Writing After Retirement, Whispering Angel Books and many others. Her other two books are: The Wampum Exchange, and Captain Henry Green, a whaler.