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Save the date – May 25th, 2024!

Join us for an interactive journey through five years of RG|NY wine.  Once you check in and get your VinoDeRG glass, you’ll use your map to take a trip through our first years of this adventure together, tasting and trying a special wine from each of our past five vintages.  Paired bites from our restaurant partners at Casa Carmen, and punctuated by celebratory Mexican dance performances, this is sure to be an evening to remember.

RGNY celebrates five years on the North Fork honoring its Mexican heritage and family tradition with a focus on quality, innovation, sustainability, and community. Since 2019, RGNY has been committed to excellence, sustainable practices, and community ties aiming to blend tradition with innovation in every bottle.

We are fortunate to be a company that is -national, -cultural, and . Each one of our pillars touches on these sentiments of many seemingly dueling facets coexisting in harmony for one delicious purpose. We can’t wait to you soon.