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Join us of the grand opening of our First Annual Group Show: ‘Pollinators’

Friday June 21st 6-8pm to celebrate the rich tapestry of creations inspired by the delicate dance of pollinators in nature.

With multimedia work by:

Emily Cate Sabree, Erwin List, Kara Hoblin, Matt Durso, Melissa Gabrielsen, Michael Javidi, Pete Treiber, Renee Brown, Scott Bluedorn and Verona Peñalba

Show will run through Sunday July 28th.

Tasty drinks available by Matchbook Distilling.

At the heart of our show lies the concept that artists themselves are pollinators, fostering the growth of creativity and enriching our collective cultural landscape. Each artist was invited to contribute two pieces of work, each in a different medium, showcasing their versatility and depth of artistic vision.

Wander through the studio and behold the diversity of interpretations on display. From vivid paintings capturing the vibrant hues of bees by Renee Brown to sculptures echoing the intricate elegance of flowers by Michael Javidi, every piece serves as a testament to the profound interconnectedness of art and nature.