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March 1st at 2:00 PM, join Hamptons Observatory and
Suffolk County Community College for a free, virtual lecture
presented by renown polar explorer and inventor, Ramon Larramendi,
who’ll speak about his remarkable expeditions and the scientific
studies made possible by his groundbreaking invention, the Inuit
Windsled. During his 30 year career, Ramon Hernando de
, a native of Spain, has led more than 20 of the most
important polar expeditions and has made over 100 trips to polar
regions. One of his most renown trips was the Circumpolar Expedition
(1990-1993) during which he traveled nearly 14,000 kilometers by
dogsled from Greenland to Alaska across the Northwest Passage (see
National Geographic’s “Global Edition,” January 1995).
Ramon specializes in traditional Inuit travel and survival
techniques. He is a decades-long member of the Explorer’s Club in
New York. Ramon has lived more than 8 years in the Arctic and
currently resides between Spain and Greenland. He is the Founder and
Director of the Tasermiut South Greenland Expedition Agency. In this
lecture, Ramon will describe his adventures, the challenges of polar
exploration, the history of the Windsled and how it has
revolutionized scientific research.


Observatory extends its deepest thanks to Ramon for generously taking
the time to share his expertise, to co-host Suffolk County Community
College and to Carin Eve Cole for their kind collaboration.