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Individuals with Special Needs and their families, caregivers, and teachers are invited to unwind at this open-air experience, meet our amazing animals, and learn about how the therapeutic programs that are offered at Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue have changed lives, and what they are.

Admission for this event is free, but donations are always welcome and appreciated! All donations go to caring for the animals, running our programs, and community outreach events such as this one! To register for this event, please contact Emma via email at [email protected]. This event will have a food truck on the premises where food and drinks can be purchased. Complimentary tours and activities will be provided, as well as the opportunity to shop from and support Special Needs Owned Vendors.

Non-Riding Equine-assisted therapy involves activities with horses to promote human physical and mental health. Our Programs are geared to build on the relationship between horses and human, and focus on:

  • Learning how to work in a group and teamwork
  • Learning to follow steps and directions
  • Introducing new sensory input in a way that is fun and exciting

At Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, our mission is to rescue horses who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. When these majestic animals arrive in our care, we give them a new educational and rehabilitative purpose. In return, they repay us with love, sensitivity, and an innate spirituality unique to the species. We unlock the horses’ hidden potential and empathic gifts, and in so doing generate new opportunities for them and the humans fortunate enough to interact with them. Help Us, Help Horses, Help People.

Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.