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An exhibition titled “Oil and Water” by Bob Mueller will be on show at the library during March and April.  There will be a reception for the artist Sunday 8 March at 2pm.

Bob Mueller says:

“As a painter, printmaker, graphic designer, art historian and curator,

I have devoted my life to excellence and scholarship in the visual arts

in all its forms, both two- and three-dimensional. I believe that all

good art is built on a strong foundation based in skilled draftsmanship

and solid composition. The regular study of art and artists that inspire

me has helped to develop a connoisseur’s eye and set the standard for my

own work high. In painting, I constantly strive to find the beauty and

drama in my natural surroundings and convey that in my work.

My art and commentary have appeared in American Artist Magazine, Fine

Art Connoisseur, American Art Review, Sculpture Review and numerous

exhibition catalogues.”