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Put Your Plastic Where Your Mouth Is!

The #NorthForkBeachCleanUp is a contest. Between masks and politics, the one thing that we can all at least agree on is that we all depend on the ocean for our individual and collective health, and it’s to our collective benefit to preserve it and the environment at large by any means possible. So we would like to encourage some friendly competition and challenge you to pick up the most garbage from our North Fork beaches. It’s been a tough year, but we
have some pretty epic prizes lined up for the winning street teams. And if we’re gonna fight, we might as well fight for the environment too.

$25 Donation for Street Teams (Families, Quarantine Tribes, Businesses, Wolf Packs, etc.)
*Sign Up By: August 28th, 2020. Email greenportg[email protected] with street team name and names of team members
• Venmo instructions will be given.


• GRAND Prize: Two Hour Sail for up to 6 people with LAYLA SAILING

• Second Place: Create Your Own Gin Experience with MATCHBOOK DISTILLING CO.
– One experience per individual for up to six people at a time.

• *Third Place: A private potato sack race because you get to keep your burlap bags!


  1. Beach debris and beach plastic are not mutually exclusive and count hand in hand. Just pick it up. Also, we will not except debris that is
    made of the earth, like, wood… or raw steel. Prizes are dope, but no cheating guys. Kudos if you stick around to sort out the plastic for UpSculpt!
  2.  This goes without saying, but if you are a business, don’t include your  plastic and debris. If you are a civilian, don’t include your personal
    recycling or debris. Laymen terms: don’t include your garbage; we don’t want your garbage.
  3.  Official teams can consist of 4-6 people. However, we totally encourage you to use your networks. If you wanna bribe your friends, go for it. Teams can receive collected beach debris from clients, family, or friends (because, in the end, the ultimate goal is to clean up our beaches!). However, only official members of participating teams will take part in grand prizes. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  4. Winners will be determined by the total weight of debris and plastic in burlap bags from a hanging scale.
  5. Participants will have from Tuesday September 1st until Wednesday September 30th to collect the most beach debris. Burlap bags will be delivered and dispersed during the last week in August. Weigh In Ceremonies (that’s what they’re called?) will be held every Wednesday in September at The Lin Beach House during which each team will have their beach collection of the week weighed, counted, and then sorted through for beach plastic that will be given to UpSculpt, a non profit founded by Cindy Pease Roe that aims to empower action against the crisis of plastic pollution by engaging the public through art, science, and educational workshops.

Lucha libre guys; wear a mask. Not all team members have to be present. It would be nice; like really swell. But there has to be at least one team member. If you don’t come; you missed out. Bring it the following week. Don’t lose it.

Remember, Wednesdays at The Lin Beach House at 5 PM.
• September 2: Official Teams will be announce. Scoop your burlap bags.
• September 9th: FIRST weigh in & count sorting session
• September 16th: SECOND weigh in & count sorting session
• September 23rd: THIRD weigh in & count sorting session
• September 30th: FOURTH weigh in & count sorting session WINNERS

We will be announcing each teams’ weight counts and leads every week on Instagram @greenportgazette.

6. Yes, you totally have to return the burlap bags ‘cause we’re gonna recycle them for our first annual potato sack race next year, fingers
crossed. Unless you’re a third place winner. Then you can have your OWN potato sack* race.

7. Seems silly, but all plastic and debris must be found on local beaches on the North Fork. Scouts’ honor guys. We doubt you’re gonna drive to
the Rockaways; but still. Keep it local.

8. TBD. We forgot what this was.

9. Trash talking is encouraged during Weigh Ins. Just don’t be rude. Be human; you know what’s up.

10. You can sign up late. You’re just gonna have to giddy up.