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Jedediah Hawkins Inn Barn Gallery has been hosting exhibitions of  art by distinguished North Fork artist Max Moran for the past 15 years.  Join us for the Opening Reception of Moran’s latest exhibition “North Fork Horizon’s” Saturday July 30th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Hours:  Sunday from 12-8 pm or by appointment.

A visit to Jedediah Hawkins Inn leaves one in a state of relaxed refinement and the perfect locale for fine art.  “North Fork Horizons” is Moran’s artistic response to a period when we all longed for open spaces, horizon lines, and the beauty of the fields and sea on the East End.  When Moran first visited the North Fork instinctively he thought “What an interesting place to paint plein air.”  More than 25 years later the open skies and sense of place provides subject matter and inspiration.   “The more you see…. the more you want” he says. “Harvesting horizons with paint and canvas provides a visual celebration and sensory experience for the viewer.  The strongest being the lightness of soul you feel in the sky, clouds and shadows that form over the fields and bays.”