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From birds and trees to snakes and bees, we’ll learn why every creature is important, how to protect them, and how to safely explore and enjoy the outdoors. Children will also learn about non-living nature like rocks, water, weather, and how Long Island came to be such a unique place.

With some local field trips and most days at the Roy Latham Nature Center at Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport, each session will be packed with five hours of fun and educational activities.

Drop off at 10 am at NFAS center at Latham Preserve unless notified otherwise. Children must come with a bagged lunch and proper outdoor attire. Pick up at 3 pm. Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Summer Camp July 5, July 7, July 12, and July 14

Summer Camp July 19, July 21, July 26, and July 28

Summer Camp Aug 2, Aug 4, Aug 9, and Aug 11

Summer Camp Aug 16, Aug 18, Aug 23, and Aug 25

Please contact Tyler with any questions at [email protected].

Scholarships available; please inquire at [email protected].

For registration and more information: