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one ⚡️night ⚡️ only ⚡️
one 👏 more 👏 time 👏

saturday november 12th📍 @matchbookdistilling
230 corwin street 
• greenport

viewing & tour times
3:30 PM • 5:00 PM • 7:00 PM
tasting room will be open

If you haven’t seen it,
this is your chance.
new work

nightswimming is a meditation on connection and transience through the vulnerability of the subject. In the night, with the sea, and in time; the images become intimate glimpses through glitch and grain of the unspoken awareness of the human experience.

Expect to be transported through a sensory voyage of light, sound, and spirits! I’ve collaborated with local carpenter and beat maker, Stephen Klipp, with the design and build of eleven custom 3 x 3 foot light boxes that will be displayed in some of the industrial pockets of Matchbook Distilling Co, located at 230 Corwin Street in Greenport. The installation will also feature footage by Thomas Halaczinsky.

Matchbook’s tasting room apothecary will be open from 3:00 – 8:00 PM, during which you may delight in their spirits and tour the facilities.

Matchbook Distilling Co. is an R&D facility dedicated to bespoke contract production of spirits. They champion agriculture, anthropology, tradition, and science.

“The industrial background of the bottling room, the production floor, the rick house; it’s all about process. Something about the process of distilling, even natural wine making, reminds me so much of being in the darkroom and just the photo practice all together. The mixing, timing, agitation, the waiting, adjusting along the way, the alchemy; a bit of blind faith. Each bottled spirit feels like a photograph to me. Also, there is something to that blurry liminal haze that you can sense from these images that can relate to a loss of inhibition, which generally does occur when we experience these spirits.”With or without them though, it takes guts to jump into the dark waters. Gall to be vulnerable. Vulnerability to be uninhibited. And that’s the spirit.