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(mostly) TRUE THINGS is a game wrapped in a storytelling show with a side of music. A line-up of fantastic storytellers tell true stories from their own lives. All but one of them at least 1 subtle lie. The audience gets to question the storytellers, then votes for the person they think told it straight. There are prizes involved, if you can believe a thing like that.

If you have a true experience on the theme “Rough Start” it might be part of the show! We  have a way to make it part of the show (entirely optional, totally fun).

Find out more about this show at

This performance features stories by:
Jude Treder-Wolff (host/creator) a writer/performer, comic, storyteller and improviser who is on the Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th St, NYC)  house improv team AURA performing every Wed night at Magnet, and has been featured on
PBS Stories From The Stage, The Story Collider live show and podcast, RISK! live show and podcast, Generation Women and many others.

David Lawson (Story Boom, The Artichoke Storytelling Series, TimeOut NY)
Dawn Shedrick (writer, social worker, speaker,)
Nina  Lesiga (Bridgeport Art Trail Storytelling Exchange in CT, The Artichoke Storytelling Series, PBS Stories From The Stage,  Artists Standing Strong Together)