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That Red Barn


Please join us to Meet the Artists of the Farms Across America on Zoom and hear them speak about their works in the exhibit.

Host: Alex Ferrone Gallery

We are hosting two upcoming sessions and you are welcome to attend either, or both. Registration is required:

Session One: Tuesday, February 8, 6:00pm EST.
Click to register:

Session One participants:
Patricia Beary (NY)
Tony Brandstetter (PA)
Michael Elenko (WA)
David Gregory (IL)
Annette Kasle  (NY)
Loretta Marcus (NY)
Paula Martino (PA)
Kathleen Massi (NY)
Mike McLaughlin (NY)
Laurie Miles (NY)
Marlene Weinstein (NY)


Session Two: Wednesday, February 9, 6:00pm EST.
Click to register:

Session Two participants:
Leslie Connito (NY)
Dotty Danforth (FL)
Amelia Furman CO)
Jan Guarino (NY)
Peter Handler (PA)
Linda Lopez (NY)
Natalie McGuire (MN)
Marina Movshina (MO)
Kerry Sharkey-Miller (NY)
Heidi Walsh (PA)
Jeffrey Weinstein (MA)