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Sperm whales have
fascinated us for centuries.  The world’s
largest toothed predator, they were hunted by whalemen to the brink of
extinction.  In the 1980s, a young sperm
whale became trapped in the shallow waters off Oak Beach, Long Island.  Nicknamed Physti (a play on the sperm whale’s scientific
name –
Physeter macrocephalus), he captured the heart
of Gaelin Rosenwaks, and started her on a career path in marine science. 

is the result of
that life-changing encounter, and a stunning portrait of these magnificent
animals. During several weeks-long expeditions off Dominica, Rosenwaks came
eye-to-eye (literally) with these amazing animals, observing the close bond
between mother and child, the matriarchal family units that stay together for
generations, their vibrant lives, their social structures, and their caring for
one another. Through her breathtaking photography and inspiring words, readers
can join Rosenwaks and the whales, and be inspired to help save them for future

is a marine scientist, explorer, photographer, writer and filmmaker. She began
her career at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution conducting research in
Antarctica; she then earned her Master’s Degree in Coastal Environmental
Management from Duke University, and later went on to found Global Ocean Exploration
Inc. (GOE) to share her passion for ocean exploration, marine conservation, and
storytelling. She now participates and conducts expeditions around the globe to
raise public awareness in not only to the challenges facing the oceans, and
what science is doing to understand these challenges.

A US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, a Fellow of
both the Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club, and a member of the
Society of Women Geographers, Gaelin has published numerous articles in
scientific journals, newspapers and magazines, and has appeared as an expert on
The Discovery Channel, Science Channel, CBS News, and Business Insider.  Her photography has been displayed in many
exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Duke University, The Maritime
Aquarium, and the Patagonia Upper West Side Store in NYC.