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We invite the audience to arrive at 4:00pm to visit the garden and enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape. The concert is at 5:00pm outdoors on the main lawn of the Landcraft Garden. Lawn chairs will be available.  The concert begins at 5:00 pm.

A tasting menu presented by the chef Martine Abitbol with several bite-sized dishes will be served immediately after the concert. The tasting menu is inspired by the Medieval Culinary degustation with a focus to the flavors of the earth and culinary art.

It is highly recommended to bring a hat to cover yourself from the sun while waiting for sunset.  Dress appropriately for the weather.

Music by Guillelme de Machaut and a selection of troubadour and trouvère songs featuring Concordian Dawn Medieval Ensemble: Amber Evans, soprano and percussion; Clifton Massey, countertenor; Niccolo Seligmann, vielle and percussion; Christopher Preston Thompson, director, tenor and medieval harp. This redaction of Machaut’s Le Remede de Fortune begins within a 14th-century French court.  Typical of the French Romance genre, a main character retreats to a vegetation-filled garden to isolate himself from everyone else. A personified Esperance visits him while in this garden. Then the hero returns to court. The lyrical narrative and themes of the French Romance are only fitting to a garden such as the Landcraft Garden. The main illuminated manuscript that transmits the piece is
full of the same gorgeous garden images that make LGF.